5 Computer Myths Debunked – Updated 2021

Regular urban legends would have us accept crocodiles live in sewers. Misinterpretations about Desktop PCs along with Laptops are similarly relentless. Here are 5 Computer Myths Debunked for you:

1. A slow running desktop computer or laptop has an infection.

An infection can be at fault. Spyware, a Virus or other Malware can likewise make a PC slow in speed. In any case, there are likewise numerous other different reasons your desktop or laptop computer may run slow, here are just a small few of multiple possible issues:

  • You may have a lot of startup programs hogging resources when you boot up the PC. You could remove or disable programs that start with the computer to improve boot speed.
  • The PC has gone into sleep mode consistently, yet you haven’t fully rebooted the PC in quite a while.
  • There are numerous programs running out of sight. On a Windows PC, you can go into the task manager and see what is running along with the PC assets being used.
  • A Virus or Malware security program is running. On the off chance that it’s an antivirus scanner, let it finish first, at that point check whether your PC speed improves.
  • Temporary records or other garbage are taking up an excessive amount of hard drive space. Your PC needs around 200–500MB of free space on the hard drive to have the option to move and oversee records.
  • Your PC needs more RAM to run programs inside the memory. On the off chance that your PC needs to trade data on the hard drive to get enough memory to run programs, it will naturally run slower.
  •  The PC is old. You may need to upgrade your desktop computer or laptop so that it can deal with current programming needs or have you ever found yourself playing more games and it just locks up? This is where a Custom Built Gaming Pc might be of better use to you. Especially so in this data-rich world, we are ever-expanding and currently living in.

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2. Mac’s don’t get infections

Numerous ” Apple bois “ ( and girls ofc ) protest their Macintosh / Linux PCs are insusceptible to Virus, Malware or infections.

This is simply not true, Macintosh / Linux based machines can still get infections. They are just less focused on when compared to windows based laptop or Desktop computers so less common.

Why? There are a lot more PCs running Windows, which implies a greater, simpler objective for cyber-criminals as a target for a computer or laptop.

As Apple’s piece of the overall industry rises, the danger to Macs / Linux based machines is obviously developing along with its growth so keep that in mind.

Apple attempts to shield its clients from malware, such as Windows does with smart screen etc yet despite everything every Mac / Linux user still needs to utilise caution with downloads while tapping on links from unsavoury or even legitimate-looking disguised sources.

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3. My Windows registry needs cleaning / repairing.

Registry cleaning programs will say that checking your Windows registry can accelerate the desktop computer or laptop. In short yes this can work by the cleaner finding unused registry keys along with any malware leftovers for deletion.

However, we should consider Microsoft has not released its own registry cleaning app. Why not?

More regrettable despite everything, going in to clean your registry ( when you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re doing ) can really do more harm than good, please leave that to professionals or simply contact us.

4. My Laptop battery should be dead before I plug in my charger.

This was once evident. Nickel-cadmium batteries experienced what was known as a “memory effect.” If released and revived to a similar point a few times repeatedly, they would recollect that point later on and not go further.

Presently, nonetheless, Laptops these days regularly accompany lithium-particle (or Li-particle) batteries. They don’t experience the ill effects of this memory impact.

Truth be told, they actually work better with a halfway charge as opposed to letting the battery get down to zero.

5. I don’t have anything hackers would need or want?

Cybersecurity ought to be a need for everybody, not just us geeks. Consider this while using your computer or laptop:

  • Do you have any money at all?
  • Do you have an identity cyber criminals could use to get to cash / items or sell for cash / items?
  • Do you work anywhere at all?

Hackers have a wide range of approaches to benefit from your information or from your laptop or desktop computer processing power such as running hidden cryptocurrency scripts on your machine, so you create money for them directly without you knowing every time you switch your computer on, aside from the recent unexpected slow down of course.

Further more hackers along with cyber criminals can transform your PC into part of a bot system or utilise your data as back access into a business target framework. The list is honestly endless so if you are not sure please contact a professional but above all stay safe! 🙂

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