Is Getting a Custom-Built Gaming PC Worth it? – Updated 2021.

PC gaming has the broadest, most profound along with a diverse selection of games for any platform (mobile along with consoles included.) So the answer to “is a custom-built gaming PC worth it? ” can be very subjective depending on who you speak to.

It likewise envelops the greatest range of player base, from old school retro gamers to serious E-sport players. From AAA-experience addicts to children and students getting their first taste of PC gameplay on their clapped out old school work laptop mum and dad got them that is not suited for the task or has been handed down from a sibling. 

For the casual gamer, it probably won’t appear to be justified, with fears of all the trouble to purchase a costly custom-built gaming PC along with the actual need with all the fancy odds and ends, contingent more so upon your financial plan ( we advise Xbox or PS console gaming in this instance ), not to mention the question how often you will actually really use it? In any case, that doesn’t mean a gaming PC of sorts can’t hold any advantages also.

Regardless of whether it’s in improving the look and feel of games for a short time, you may even get the chance to play them, the speed with which they load, or even only the lower noise levels of the PC itself, there are an entire host of advantages to a custom-built gaming PC regardless of whether you don’t play so much, or as hard, as others. So let’s look more in-depth to see if we can answer if a custom-built gaming PC worth it?

What can a custom built gaming PC accomplish for you?

Casual gaming doesn’t mean exactly the same thing to different people, so it may be the case that getting a gaming PC is justified, despite all the trouble if your specific requests or kind of gaming experience can be improved by a portion of the things that make gaming PCs so extraordinary then it can of course matter a great deal to one person and not another.

The most normal explanation gamers of any kind purchase a “gaming” PC, is on the grounds that it has all the more capable performance parts designed specifically for gaming, parts that are a lot different to what you need for simply browsing Facebook while sitting in your Onesie eating pringles as an example.

A better quality graphics card, a more gamer-friendly performance CPU with more cores and higher clock speeds, faster along with larger RAM etc can make games run significantly quicker and make your game look more detailed along with producing less lag. You can play at higher detail settings, and at higher FPS ( Frames Per Second ), for a smoother gaming experience overall however long or short you play for. 

On the off chance that your concept of casual gaming is playing the best in class games when you discover the time, at that point a gaming PC could have a genuine effect on your playtime so something to consider when thinking if a custom-built gaming PC worth it?.

It’ll ensure that the games look as great as possible and don’t stutter or lag, glitch or crash or end up with some graphical glitches or dodgy looking shadows during gameplay right when it matters most. To those that know it is the difference between winning and losing. Gaming PC’s generally ensuring that in case you’re playing something somewhat fun/serious, your PC doesn’t impede you in any way.

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That is less significant if your casual gaming implies playing less graphically or processor demanding games, such as outdated pixelated older games, or more retro games you enjoyed playing not for aesthetics but for nostalgia in years passed by such as Minecraft or even the newer Roblocks.

A gaming PC can in any case still make those games look better and run all the more easily, however, your demands tend to not be as high so there is room to lower cost and throw away some of the fancy RGB Lights etc.

What they can do, however, is ensure that you don’t need to wait around for them to load. Indeed, even older or Inde games out of the box can require a significant stretch of time to load on more vulnerable older equipment, and booting to Windows on an old hard drive can take until the end of time compared to an SSD drive its a matter of night and day as I explain here.

Best Computer Repair uses SSD’s for all of our custom-built gaming PC’s, ensuring that whether you’re a casual gamer or an AAA pro-Esports streamer/gamer, that your new gaming PC boots quick, plays games rapidly, and loads them significantly quicker. 

Enjoy the silence

In case you’re accustomed to messing around on a standard off the shelf PC, or even a PC intended for school work instead of play, at that point, you’ve additionally likely endured the loud rambling whoosh of your PC’s ineffectively prepared cooling fans along with the arrangement.

That is not its flaw, it wasn’t intended for gaming, even casual gaming. However, a gaming PC is and that implies that alongside more powerful hardware, you likewise have the cooling, on more expensive machines less noise. As the saying goes ” you can’t have it all ” and some things are worth paying for to some people. 

All the more powerful cooling, with greater heat sinks and bigger fans, implies more warmth can be dispersed at a quicker rate. That helps keep the parts cool and ensures that every one of your peripherals keeps on working at top performance inside your custom-built gaming PC

In case you’re accustomed to playing with earphones on the grounds that the whine from your current PC is too difficult to even think about bearing, a quiet, more competent custom-built gaming PC can in itself be a treat. Combine that with more expensive water cooling you are almost into the silent territory that is so important while you tip-pi toe towards your enemy in COD for example.

Which gaming PC is right for you?

On the off chance that the possible advantages of a gaming PC sound like they could make your casual gaming experience that bit better, realise that you shouldn’t feel forced to take a particular system build aside from the right one for you. Nobody can really influence your decision there as we are all different along with having different requirements and needs such as power, silence, price etc

For example, you shouldn’t worry too much about one kitted out with lights on the off chance that you don’t need it, or you may want to share a room with others and not annoy anyone with your Christmas tree looking PC but also want something a little quieter with water cooling. You don’t need to burn through a huge number of pounds to get an extraordinary gaming PC.

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Entry Level Gaming PC on a budget?

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair  The Best Free Antivirus Programs Custom-Built Gaming PC
Best Computer Repair Exclusive Chronos

One of the most reasonable costing custom-built Gaming PCs Best Computer Repair offers our clients is the Chronos PC. It’s a fabulous custom-built entry-level gaming PC that accompanies a fast NVMe SSD, a peacefully quiet and downplayed case with no annoying lights bells and whistles, a prudent CPU in the Intel Gold that works, something to put under your desk and get the job done. 

It utilises onboard graphics unlike other similar suppliers who use onboard graphics ( as we believe that should never be used for any “ gaming system “ yes even the AMD version the answer is always as ever, just no! ) it also still won’t give you excessively high FPS rates, or the best detail settings, however, a lot of more casual games and Esports titles are entirely playable on a budget at reasonable medium to high settings on even the newest titles.

All our custom-built gaming PC’s are additionally effectively future proof for at least six years along with compatible with future upgrades, should you wish to expand on their abilities later on. Unlike something off the shelf from your local store with limited upgrade options once you have parted money.

Find out more about the Chronos here

Need a bit more Gaming poke?

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair  The Best Free Antivirus Programs Custom-Built Gaming PC
Best Computer Repair Exclusive Neuron

For the individuals who need something with somewhat more gamer power at a comparable cost with more powerful design power, that is where the Best Computer Repair Exclusive Neuron gaming PC comes in. It leaves the air cooling behind for a better performance water RGB cooler with an amazing side panel displaying your hardware. Accompanies Up to an AMD Ryzen 9 or Intel i9 with onboard up to Duel NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs, and the equivalent incredibly fast SSD, for quick boot times and higher FPS than the Chronos above.

Find out more about the Neuron here

Need a little more Force?

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair  The Best Free Antivirus Programs Custom-Built Gaming PC
Best Computer Repair Exclusive Millennium

Somewhat more capacity to ensure your casual gaming receives effortless higher FPS along with compatibility for a larger monitor ( Yes it matters what screen size you use for the desired FPS along with what hardware you have ) Best Computer Repair exclusive Millennium starts with a glass panel case to show off your hardware, along with a water-cooled RGB CPU-Cooler then trades out the CPU on the Neuron above for a quicker Intel Core i9-9900K, or Intel Core i9-9980XE CPU, and includes again an onboard card with up to Dual NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPUs significantly more power for those prettier games, and higher FPS in Esports along with those demanding new Triple-A games. 

Find out more about the Millennium here

How about Flat out Beast Mode?

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair  The Best Free Antivirus Programs Custom-Built Gaming PC
Best Computer Repair Exclusive Genesis

Still insufficient? The Best Computer Repair Genesis could be the ideal custom-built gaming PC for you. With an Intel Core i9-9900K, or higher with Up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM 3000MHz memory, over 2.5TB of extra room, and Up to quad NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPUs, this is just about the best of gaming execution and it’s everything inside an amazingly cool along with exclusive, and alluring case for sure. 

Find out more about Genesis here

Looking to make it your own?

In the event that you need anything over or under the above or something somewhat extraordinary or even in between, our profoundly experienced custom-built gaming technicians will have the option to offer you some guidance or make a custom gaming PC only for your requirements. 

We can even overclock your processor and GPU for you, on a lower end costing system built for included execution in your casual gaming on a super performance enhanced cost reducing budget.

To learn more about any of the custom builds here, or for a custom build gaming PC quote, simply call us. We’ll ensure that your casual gaming PC suits your necessities as nothing else could.

In the event that you effectively already own a PC and need to upgrade however, aren’t sure if your current PC can deal with it, feel free to contact us for better understanding of your options available to suit your situation.

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