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We offer military grade manual Remote Virus Removal along with Malware removal from multiple cloud based databases over a secure VPN connection. Unmatched anywhere else in the industry today!

We are a honest business thus try to avoid non factual information on our blog along with our website, so with that in mind, please accept our honesty here also when we say you could be INFECTED yet not even know of it… Let us explain!

If you connect to the internet, have sensitive data such as patient, client, business or bank details, these are all at risk of being used maliciously or sold to other companies through malware or a virus.

BUT WAIT.. you have antivirus so you are safe right? well yes you have antivirus for a list of ( known ) viruses but that is only as good as the antivirus company’s research budget. 

Even so in this case that’s just one virus list, so if you buy the best antivirus software on the market it has vulnerabilities thus is also potentially unsafe, or even worse open to manipulation.

We all know the basics  such as you should have some antivirus in the first place, you should also have only one antivirus program installed as it can conflict with other programs etc

The solution? We scan your computer using multiple lists by deploying multiple cloud based antivirus software, researched for the highest security along with Remote Virus Removal possible, by our  team of security experts.

Watch Best Computer Repair remotely fix your computer while you relax in the knowledge that you truly have the best security solution performing for you and your business.

Sit in the comfort of your home or place of work and watch us control your mouse over a private encrypted connection, safe in the hands of Best Computer Repair. We are sure to produce smile inducing results as your privacy is now safe.


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