OAS – On Access Scan consists of three stages: File type scan according to content filter settings, Antivirus file scan and Scans for restricted content

ODS – On Demand Scan provides the thorough scanning of objects which are skipped by the Files and Memory protection, thus providing additional protection for the file system

MAV – Mail Anti-Virus protects incoming and outgoing mail from dangerous objects

WAV – Web Anti-Virus performs two important functions – Analyzes site addresses and blocks access to dangerous sites and Scans the objects downloaded over HTTP

IDS – Intrustion Detection Scan does part of the network filtering packets work automatically. It detects port scanning, DoS attacks, etc and it can also block the computer address which is trying to attack

VUL – Vulnerability Scan is a tool that detects and eliminates the vulnerabilities in your operating system and applications installed on your computer

KAS – Kaspersky Anti Spam sorts all incoming mail according to the settings applied by the user, and filters out unwanted messages (spam)