The Death of Windows 7 has passed, what now? – Updated 2021

Windows 7 has now passed its end-of-life stage (Tuesday, January 14, 2020) which implies that Microsoft will never again be offering updates along with security fixes for the old operating system.

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While numerous individuals will have upgraded to Windows 10 years back, there are as yet a huge number of computers or laptops out there that are still utilizing Windows 7. With Windows 7 now at its end of life, it implies those PCs should be updated or replaced ASAP.

Regardless of whether you bought Windows 7 years back, you could even now be infected with a virus due to Windows 7 End of Life.

Any program that holds your information, for example, specialist medical records, financial information, or business-related data, yet still uses Windows 7 could be putting you in danger in the event that you don’t upgrade to Windows 10 due to the vulnerabilities that will no longer be fixed.

Thus, to comfort your psyche, along with clarifying what Windows 7 End of Life really is, we’ve assembled this rundown of the 7 things you have to think about with the demise of Windows 7.

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1.Windows 7 End of Life began January 14, 2020

Windows 7 entered its End of Life on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. After that date, Microsoft will never again offer patches along with, more importantly, security fixes for Windows 7.

That implies that any bugs or issues despite everything found in Windows 7 will never get fixed. Moreover, any security vulnerabilities could likewise stay in Windows 7, as Microsoft is probably not going to fix those.

Be that as it may, Windows 7 End of Life won’t be an unexpected change to most IT professionals, as we have already noticed Microsoft has been lessening its help for Windows 7 throughout recent years just as we saw previously with Windows Vista.

Microsoft finished standard help for Windows 7 back in January 13, 2015, which implied new updates already quit being included, and client safety guarantee claims were never again substantial.

It at that point entered its all-inclusive help stage, where just fundamental fixes and updates were discharged. That closed on January 14, 2020.

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2.You should quit utilising Windows 7 ASAP

After January 14, 2020, you’ll viably be utilizing a dead operating system. While computers or laptops will keep on working, they will be left with an operating system or computer that never again gets fixed.

In the event that somebody finds a frightful bug or security weakness in Windows 7, they could without much of a stretch exploit it, putting you along with your data in danger.

It likewise implies new programs will probably not support Windows 7 PCs, which means you’re passing up new updates. Again, if there are bugs and security vulnerabilities in Windows 7 variants of the projects and applications you use, these may never get fixed, ever again.

In any event, overlooking the way that Windows 7 is currently in its End of Life stage, you should quit utilizing such an old operating system, at any rate. While Windows 10 isn’t appealing if you are used to Windows 7, it presents updates that you’re passing up by utilizing obsolete programming.

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3.You don’t have to purchase another PC

While you should upgrade from Windows 7 at the earliest opportunity, that doesn’t mean you have to toss out your  computer or laptop

You can upgrade your current PC to Windows 10, and Microsoft has worked superbly of guaranteeing that its new operating system works extremely well with a wider variety of equipment even as far as tablets.

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These are the minimum system requirements for Windows 10:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: 1GHz or quicker processor
  • Ram: 1GB for 32-Bit or 2GB for 64-Bit
  • Hard Drive: 16GB for 32-Bit OS or 20GB for 64-Bit OS

While your PC may meet those particulars, we’d advise 4GB of RAM to run Windows 10 remotely well, and you’ll need in any event 128GB of hard drive space, preferably an SSD.

In the event that your PC doesn’t meet those specs, at that point, you’ll either need to purchase another PC or move to an option that is other than Windows 10.

That doesn’t need to be a terrible thing you could blame Windows 7 End of Life so as to treat yourself. Contact us today, maybe we can help?

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4.You can upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE

In spite of the fact that Microsoft has authoritatively quit offering a free Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1) clients, you can at a present upgrade to Windows 10 for nothing and it’s real easy.

You should simply utilize the Windows Media Creation Tool and choose to upgrade from that point. Enter in your Windows 7 (or Windows 8) key, and you ought to before long have a Windows 10 running OS for FREE.

You have to ensure you decide to upgrade your Windows 7 OS, as opposed to introducing a new form of Windows 10 otherwise you may have to pay.

The way that it is still so natural to upgrade to Windows 10 makes us believe that Microsoft discreetly endorses of this informal technique and the organization is simply trying to get however many Windows 7 clients to move to Windows 10 as could reasonably be expected.

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5.You don’t need to upgrade to Windows 10

While the most straightforward approach to move from Windows 7 is to upgrade to Windows 10, that is not your solitary alternative.

In case you’re not excited about Windows 10 (its notoriety has endured recently because of a run of dodgy updates), or your PC or laptop doesn’t meet the base spec, at that point it merits taking a gander at choices.

For instance, Linux is an alternative decision. It’s free, and there is a tremendously wide range of variants.

There are Linux distros (Distributions) that are easy to use, so you can find a good place without having utilized Linux previously, also many have comparative UIs to Windows 7, causing you to feel comfortable.

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6.What you have to do before upgrading

In case you’re upgrading from Windows 7, there are some things you have to do to make the procedure as straightforward as could be possible.

Above all else, ensure you back up the entirety of your significant data onto an external hard drive or USB drive yes you heard us, that’s pictures, documents, videos all that important stuff such as family days out, etc.

While you will probably decide to keep every one of your files along with archives when upgrading to Windows 10, you should at present back them up, so in the worst case should anything go wrong, you won’t lose your documents.

In case you’re moving to another operating system like Linux, at that point, your hard drive will be cleaned all the while, so ensure all the documents you need to keep are securely put away on an external HDD or SSD.

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7. On the off chance that you do stay with Windows 7, ensure you understand the risks.

In case you’re stubbornly unyielding that you’re staying with Windows 7, and nothing we can say will persuade you to switch, at that point you should at the least ensure you’re shielded from security vulnerabilities. Why not follow our previous post here for a good antivirus.

( Before new ones get exposed along with never being updated or ever having the ability to shield or to be able to be protected from regular system updates from Microsoft EVER again )

Along these lines, by ensuring you use a good antivirus, you can in any event guarantee your PC won’t out of nowhere become in danger to infections and other online dangers after January 14.

But for how long the antivirus software will protect you depends on how long it takes for hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities Microsoft have publicly said they will discontinue to fix, protect or repair.

Our advise however in this situation knowing what we know, is always going to be upgrade, stay safe!

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