Can I fix my computer if it won’t power on? – Updated, 2022

Nowadays, pressing your computer’s power button and…nothing happens is always a major shock. It seems there is little hope of recovery if you can’t even get the computer to power on in the first place, since one of the most common at-home solutions to computer problems is to restart it. 

It’s not always a total loss, a reputable computer service like ours can still help even if the computer won’t power on. Before you bring your device to us, though, here are a few things to investigate.


A drained battery or a loose plug or lead could always be the cause of your computer not turning on. 

Ensure that your cord is seated correctly in the wall and in your device’s power receiver, and if your device is battery-powered, give it a little time to charge before trying to turn it on again. 

Make sure the power-supply switch on the back of the tower is set to ‘on’ this will help in order to check if a desktop PC is plugged in correctly. 

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If none of these solutions solve the problem, and you have been working inside your laptop or tower case, you may also want to check your internal power cable. 

If none of these tricks work for your PC, computer or laptop, there is very likely a serious problem with the power supply itself, in which case we recommend getting in touch with us about a professional computer repair. 

Hard Drive Error

The problem is somewhat more complicated if you can start the computer, but only get an error message about the bootable device. 

A problem with the hard drive where your operating system is installed is preventing your computer from booting, or the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. 

You can check these problems yourself if you are familiar with your device’s BIOS or Open Firmware. 

However, if that kind of troubleshooting is out of your league for your PC power on issues (Not everyone can admit this and cause more damage), please feel free to contact us. 

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Boot-time crashes 

The problem might be caused by either your hardware or your software. We wrote more about this here. But the short story is rebooting your computer into Recovery Mode for Macs, or run Startup Repair for Windows. 

You may find that this accurately diagnoses any software issues. However, if the recovery and repair process does not work, then the problem is quite likely rooted in your hardware. You may need help from experts like ours. 

We will gladly assist you if your computer won’t power on, or you don’t have time to deal with any of this or find computers daunting, because we understand how busy life can be.

In the event of a problem, we will waive the fee if you choose to use our services. This will make the whole process simple and inexpensive for you. We can always help if your computer fails to boot next time.

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