Does your desktop computer, laptop or PC have a hardware or software problem? – Updated, 2022

Imagine you have an appointment with a desktop computer repair company because your computer keeps acting up. When you bring it in to be diagnosed, they run all kinds of tests, only to tell you everything is working fine, and you basically had to pay the diagnostic fee just to be told you have a software issue. 

Sound frustrating? As a result, we’d like to provide you with some tips on determining whether you have a software or hardware problem with your desktop computer, laptop or PC. 

Also, to reassure our customers, our free diagnostics along with quote comes with a no-obligation call out as well.

That way, rest assured your desktop computer is in the best situation to receive a highly qualified computer repair from one of our vetted local technicians.

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Signs of a software problem

You will always find exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, your problems will be caused by software malfunctions, which you should be able to fix yourself:

  •     A peripheral device (printer, etc.) misinterprets commands.
  •     Computer freezes
  •     Attachments not opening
  •     Ads that pop up (possibly a virus or malware)
  •     Performance problems with applications/programs

Signs of a hardware problem

You probably have a hardware issue if you experience any of the following issues. In these situations, you can always try a little DIY (see these tips for ideas), but it’s always safer to have your desktop computer, laptop or PC serviced by a reputable repair shop.

  •     Downloads are slow
  •     You have seen the ‘Blue Screen of Death’
  •     A corrupted file on your PC
  •     Files are not accessed quickly
  •     A sudden shutdown of the computer
  •     Errors in graphics (such as a jumbled computer screen)
  •     Sounds or noise that is out of the ordinary
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It might be either…

There are times, however, when you cannot tell what the source of the issue is; a few issues could be caused by either hardware or software.

  •     Computer is slow
  •     Restarting constantly
  •     The internet is slow on your desktop computer
  •     Some programs/apps aren’t responding to commands
  •     Peripheral devices do not function (correctly or at all)

To resolve any such issues, we recommend checking your drivers, running a virus/malware scan, closing all programs, and uninstalling recent software updates on your desktop computer, laptop or PC.

Congratulations if it did! It was a simple software issue. In the event that the issue persists, however, you should check your hardware and possibly open a service ticket with your friendly local computer repair company.

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