Choosing a Local Computer Repair Company for Your Business – 2021

For some companies, it’s going to add up to either dedicating internal resources having decommissioning and hardware specialists on-site or having a local computer repair company call out to you.

For others, however, especially with the amount of the workforce remaining remote due to Covid-19, the simplest solution is to contract with a third-party computer repair expert to supply IT and device hardware support as and when needed.

This is something we at Best Computer Repair are more than qualified to assist you in your search for the IT support company that most closely fits your company’s needs in these strange times. 

We know this as we offer a wide range of services from Remote Virus / Malware Removal  to Custom Built Desktop or Office / CAD Professional Computers to even off the shelf Laptop sales or even Off The Shelf Gaming Computers to enable us to help any client, business or budget in any situation or requirement using our over 16 plus years of IT knowledge.

On-site vs. Off-site Support

Probably the primary question we advise you to ask your local computer repair company is whether or not your business model would be best served by keeping an IT expert in house or by contracting with an external service that handles repairs, upgrades, etc., in their own location. 

Some factors to think about include your business footprint. IT work takes space, especially at high volumes, and you may not have the resources to store the parts, pieces, equipment, and spare devices needed to make the magic happen. 

On the other hand, if you have space and a workforce heavily reliant on their devices such as a Laptop computer, the fast turnaround of getting someone on-site can make all the difference within the ever-evolving stressful business world we are all now working within. 

At Best Computer Repair we provide both models of support, but not all computer repair companies can offer this, so it is definitely an element to think about when contracting with a third-party service to carry out your IT support or when looking for local computer repair.

Remote vs. Local Support

If you’re sure the way to provide IT and hardware support to employees who may now work entirely from home is best done remotely then you should mention this to your local computer repair company.

This is definitely a concern to mention with potential contractors as most have no clue how to even offer remote support let alone securely thus putting your business data at risk while repairing the hardware. 

Thus not exactly the best trade-off when looking to resolve issues within your IT department.

Another good question to ask yourself is does one want your employees to drive into the office whenever they have to drop off a device for repairs and use up valuable time that could be best spent elsewhere in your business? 

If not, does that mean you’ve got to ship computers back and forth or hire a delivery person to handle these issues? 

Ask your computer repair service provider about customizing your support services as we are always highly flexible here in Best Computer Repair Bridgend.

From our own experience, we will assure you that we understand and answer your struggles as a business owner.

That’s why we’ve lately developed some new services, including storage and maintenance of spare devices such as laptops, along with free contactless payment plus contactless home pick-up and delivery for our client’s employees.

Difficult times involve innovative solutions, so ask your local computer repair company to ascertain what they will do to streamline the repair process for you and your remote workforce.


The Importance of Trust

Perhaps more important than all of the above, though, is knowing you’ll be able to trust your IT partner to supply high-quality repairs and maintenance for your company devices. 

Is it that the company you’re considering qualified/authorized/certified to supply you with the services you need? 

At Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales, we’ve taken tons of pride in becoming an Apple Authorized Service Provider and an HP Authorized Service Partner, working with Dell, Acer, and Toshiba to become authorized to repair their products, and even receiving a Premier Service Award from Lenovo

These are the sorts of qualifications you would like to aim to search for during a trustworthy IT support service. 

Since almost anyone can repair devices in their basement or garage or knows a family friend “ good with computers “, knowing that a business has taken the trouble to determine a reputation and relationship with tech or computer companies can certainly put your mind at ease when it involves contracting with them for your hardware support needs.

I am sure you do not need me to state these are strange times and therefore the needs of business owners are changing thus the picture of a local computer repair company is also changing with it. ( or at least the good ones will )

It’s now a time to advocate for yourself, therefore searching for partners who can offer you the solutions you need is more crucial to your business success in these trying times now more than ever!

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