How To Avoid PC, Laptop or Personal Computer Repair – Updated 2022

When your computer stops working properly, it can be very disruptive. While shopping online, it can stop you in your tracks. It is inevitable that devices will fail at some point, but you can help prolong the life of your computer or laptop, thus avoiding your own personal computer repair. 

The purpose of this blog is to explain why components fail and how to help each component last as long as possible in your computer, laptop or desktop.

What causes components to break?

Wear and tear, incorrect use, and modern electronics all have a natural lifespan, so anything can break. Mechanical failures are particularly common in components with moving parts. 

The heat of your components can also shorten their lifespan. A component with an electrical current will generate heat, but keeping this under control can help extend its life.

Component life extension best practices

Below is a list of the common components of a PC or laptop, along with the best practices for extending their life. You can ensure that your computer has sufficient airflow to keep its components cool by regularly cleaning your PC of dust.

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Central Processing Unit

Any PC’s CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is one of its most important and most expensive components. There are no moving parts on your CPU, so nothing mechanical can break. 

It is important that your cooler has enough airflow to dissipate the heat safely. Make sure you apply the thermal compound correctly if you are installing the cooler yourself, as this can also affect its effectiveness in your computer system

Random Access Memory (RAM)

You store your most important and frequently used data in RAM or Random Access Memory. 

It is unlikely that your RAM will experience high temperatures unless you have very large capacity DIMMS, and it has no moving parts. Improper installation or storage are the most common causes of RAM failure.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPUs, or Graphics Processing Units, are also often among the most expensive parts of a PC. Display output is typically generated by your GPU, which renders images and animations. 

Similarly to a CPU, GPUs should be kept cool by ensuring they have enough airflow through their coolers. More on faulty graphics cards in a previous post here.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Hard Drives are unbeatable when it comes to storage capacity. Your data is magnetically encoded on several spinning disks. Hard drives have moving parts, so mechanical failure is the biggest risk. 

You should also keep in mind that moving a spinning hard drive can damage it. A sudden jolt or impact can cause the complete loss of your data, since disks spin at thousands of revolutions per second.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

SSDs or Solid State Drives have a lower capacity than hard drives, but this lower capacity is compensated for by faster speeds. SSDs are non-moving devices, with all data written to silicon packets. 

As a result, SSDs are not susceptible to mechanical failures like hard drives. There is a limit to how many reads and writes an SSD can perform before the packets begin to fail. So they will eventually inevitably break, and you will lose your data, multiple backups solves this issue.

More on SSD and upgrade options here in our previous post.

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The motherboard

Your motherboard is the heart of your computer. It not only connects all the other components, but can also offer additional features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and input/output panels. 

Like RAM, motherboards are particularly reliable, and improper storage or misuse are the most common causes of issues, thus easy to avoid a personal computer repair by not touching it.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

PSUs, or Power Supply Units, take electricity from your plug and turn it into stable power supplies at the voltages your PC requires. 

In spite of the fact that modern PSUs are very reliable, you should spend more on one if you can, as a failed PSU could damage any components it is connected to.

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The display

The display is potentially the most commonly broken component. Smartphones and laptops are some of the most abused pieces of technology. 

It is fortunate that many modern displays are fairly inexpensive to replace.

Viruses shouldn’t be forgotten

Your PC’s software can also fail, thus cause you to need a personal computer repair. The software on your computer is commonly forgotten, but since it interacts with you the most, problems will be noticed very quickly if they occur. 

Viruses or malware can be prevented by installing antivirus software on your PC and never using USB devices unless you are 100% confident they are safe.

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