Why You Should Install LineageOS On Your Android Device – Updated 2021

Before we get into why you should install LineageOS we should try to remember CyanogenMod was formerly the most popular custom ROM for Android devices.

Regrettably, a short-lived work at making the ROM the basis of the business-to-business software company sank the whole CyanogenMod team and its former assets, including the name and community servers.

But all isn’t lost: many of the original developers have jumped into the new LineageOS project-a immediate follow-up to CyanogenMod.

While the considerable device support isn’t quite what it used to be, Lineage is still the first stop for up-to-date community ROMs for many users.

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Up-to-Date, Stock Android

LineageOS offers you an up-to-date version of Android ( Great for older devices not being updated by the manufacturer to force you to buy a new device ).

It’s also a 100 % pure, stock Android experience. Yes, the Lineage developers add loads of their own tweaks and a small number of apps.

The tweaks the operating system adds don’t feel out of place many of these are just put into the Settings display screen as new options.

It’s also a 100 % pure, stock Android experience. Yes, the Lineage developers add loads of their own tweaks and a small number of apps. However, they esteem Google’s software.

Since it dispenses with the excess bloat a whole lot of manufacturers and carriers add, LineageOS is also extremely fast. In case you missed the link, you can download it here

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This is actually the biggest reason to set up a custom ROM especially install LineageOS. If it works with your device, it’ll supply you with a 100 % pure, up-to-date Android experience.

It’s a low-cost way to revitalize old Android devices that manufacturers are no longer updating and as mentioned above. Another great thing to keep in mind is you are not then forced to buy a newer device when all is needed is an OS update.

Some manufacturers no longer release in the hope you buy a new up to date device they do currently support… well at least for the first two years, here at Best Computer Repair we only offer hardware upgrades when the software is at its maximum efficiency.

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