Guide: 4 Types of Common Malware Explained – Updated 2021

Have you ever realised that there are various kinds of malware? Below are four types of common malware you may want to be aware of:


Ransomware is a little PC infection that scrambles all the documents on a tainted computer or laptop. Once encoded, the PC becomes unusable on the grounds that none of the information put on it is easily accessed.

On the off chance that your PC is infected by ransomware, you will see a message on-screen offering to deliver the encryption key that will open your documents. The catch is that you need to pay a Bitcoin ransom expense to get the key hence its name origination.

Paying demands isn’t normally a smart thought as there is no assurance that the programmer will deliver the decoding key. Rather you should guarantee you generally have a current reinforcement of your documents. Reestablishing your own information is substantially more solid and more secure than conforming to cybercriminals.


Trojans, named after the Greek legend of the Trojan Horse, are a type of malware that sneaks onto an unsuspecting victim’s computer or laptop. Once introduced, the trojan does basically nothing until it is actuated.

Much the same as the soldiers covered up in the wooden pony box at the back of the greek horse, a trojan sneaks behind your safeguards and afterwards dispatches an assault from within.

This type of malware may erase or harm information, or basically go about as an entryway, permitting programmers to access and utilise the contaminated PC whenever they feel.

Trojans are a great way to connect a PC or Laptop to a botnet, this helps to launch Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) not only this they are also used to steal information directly from unsuspecting users.

We see this a lot at our sister company Top Level Traffic as many websites today are faced with DDoS attacks but lucky for them, we protect and defend from such attacks for all our customers.

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Safety measures installed to protect passwords are usually very effective, so for example, if hackers or cyber criminals break into an organisation and take a password database.

The vast majority of the passwords can’t be utilised on the grounds that they are intensely scrambled or encrypted as it were. Spyware is intended to assist them with getting around encryption.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repairs Common Types Of Malware

Once introduced, spyware begins gathering and logging a wide range of data including the sites you visit and each letter you push on your keyboard, on both desktop, laptop or even Apple machine ( Yes Apple can get Spyware, Malware and Viruses also ).

The spyware at that point intermittently sends this data back to the criminal controlling it hence the slower than usual machine while it works in the background using your resources for criminal benefit.

Critically, this information can be reassembled, permitting the programmer to peruse your passwords and use them to break into your online records, that as I am sure you can imagine is especially not good for personal along with business clients where keeping a lot of data on a computer or laptop in this data-rich world we are living in is vital.


A PC worm is a sort of PC infection intended to duplicate itself on an infected desktop PC or laptop and once installed it will then also spread infection to each and every other PC it comes into contact with both on a similar organization or network.

This implies an infection on your home PC can immediately spread to your PC and some other programs associated with a similar machine or network.

A worm virus may likewise utilize your advanced location or GPS along with an address book to email itself to others you know, possibly contaminating their PCs as well.

The contamination may not really harm or erase records, however, it might make your PC and organization slow down with the resources being sent elsewhere such as while the worm is collecting data live.

The Mydoom worm virus that was all over the news quite recently infected a huge number of PCs over the world, commandeering them to hand-off automated Ai enhanced email spam.

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