How Much is a Good Gaming PC? – Updated 2021

Have you ever been keen on building a gaming PC? If you have then no doubt the question ” How Much Is A Good Gaming PC ” has come up.

However, as most of us go looking to purchase items… we base if not 100% but most of our decisions on the budget, yet that is not always the best approach.

Gaming PCs have as of late become well known among numerous individuals unlike laptops not just in the gaming industry since they’re ground-breaking and can run anything due to the high computing power demand needed to play the latest games.

( If anyone remembers Crysis, that even caused off the shelf Gaming PC’s to become obsolete at the time requiring you to create your own or buy custom built lol ).

Gaming Computers can do substantially more than gaming, making them an excellent purchase for the enthusiast gamer or even Photoshop or CAD Developer or just about anyone that likes to do heavy editing work, performing multiple tasks, and that’s just the beginning.

Some of the best gaming PCs in the world can be very costly, yet you can at present get an advanced one without using up every last cent. Building one will require the right components, so we’ll talk about the significant stuff.

First, let’s take a look at what amount it costs to construct a gaming PC?


The processor will be perhaps the main piece of your PC since it goes about as the mind of the PC Build. Processors are liable for running programs and processing tasks on your PC, so you’ll have to put resources into a solid one to play current processor-intensive games.

Fun fact: Most people think the Graphics Card is the most important piece for gaming however, that is important, yes but these days most games are very processor intensive, meaning if you have the best GFX Card in the world and a poor Processor that will not help and in the industry, this is known as a bottleneck in your system where resources are wasted and your gaming PC simply will not perform well, so get the cash-out and buy a good one from the start is our advice.

A few games come out perfectly enhanced or fully optimized, most came developers rely on patches month down the line after said gamers have found or reported these bugs, implying that they don’t function well for a wide range of even normal gaming computers. With an incredible processor, you’ll have the option to run nearly anything for quite a long while.

Processors can regularly cost you between £200-£1500 relying upon what you get, yet AMD processors are generally less expensive than Intel this does not always however mean they are the best as there is a meme going around if you use AMD put a fire extinguisher next to it as they run considerably hotter than intel ( Although in recent months have caught up in benchmarks ).


GFX ( Graphics Card )

The graphics card will be similarly as significant as the processor. GFX Cards are what display games onto your screen. Without one, you will likely be left with onboard graphics and unable to run any games aside from ” flash ” ones in your browser on your so-called gaming pc ( not that it is at that stage ).

There are various cards that you can get, however, there are for the most part not many that rule the market. You can go for something like a GTX 1650 or RX 580 for around £150 if you are sticking to 1080p gaming, or you can pull out all the stops and get an RTX 3090 starting at £1399 ( Without scalper prices on top using the current market ) that will run anything including VR along with some 4-8k gaming at 265fps.

Any of these cards will run most present-day games, however, you’re basically paying for life span along with FPS be that if you are looking to game in 60FPS or all the way up to 265FPS. The RTX 3090 will keep going for a long time to come and will perform better with FPS though the 1650 and 580 will not play in 4-8k it is just fine for most games at 60FPS 1080p. With regards to GFX card makes, the two significant brands are Nvidia and AMD.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Custom Built Gaming PC.


(RAM) Random-Access Memory is the component that helps your PC to perform multiple tasks ( Combined with a good processor ). RAM is the impermanent capacity for your PC when it opens programs. For instance, suppose you open Google Chrome. Your RAM will effectively store information from Chrome while you’re utilizing different projects, the more windows you have open in Chrome you will notice the more RAM you use.

At Best Computer Repair we recommend nothing under 16 GB of RAM for a gaming system but obviously, if the price was not an issue 32GB is always going to be better ( Plus there is the speed of the RAM to worry about also, some lower budget builders put 8GB along with slower 800–1600 MHz Clock rate RAM from china. All our ram is 3200mhz Clock rate and sourced right here in the U.K!).

We say nothing under 16GB of Ram for gaming as this is on the grounds that cutting-edge games wind up utilizing around 8 GB, so you’ll require considerably more to run games combined with whatever else you have running in the background also such as Discord, but windows itself uses up around 3-4GB of RAM naturally also so you can see where the issues start to come in, etc.

As stated above Chrome alone is famous for being RAM-serious that’s without most games requiring 8GB, so you’ll require at least 16 GB. You can find sticks of 16GB for about £50-£300 relying upon the sort of RAM speed you are looking for or the setup you wish to build such as one or tipple monitors, all these components are integral to the final setup.

HDD/SSD ( Hard Drive )

A great many people today know about hard-drives (HDDs). They’re liable for storing data on your computer, everything on your Custom Built Gaming Computer from the operating system files to the programs, music, or images you like to store ( For us it’s memes, lots of memes ). Nonetheless, strong Solid State Drives (SSDs) are rapidly turning into the norm for good gaming PCs.

SSDs are a lot snappier than HDDs, permitting your PC to fire up and open projects in no time or even run the loading screen of your game in super speed compared to older traditional HDDs. Dissimilar to HDDs, SSDs don’t utilize moving parts to work. They run exclusively on magnets, so they don’t have to trust that a plate will eventually break or stop spinning.

Hard drives are economical, for the most part costing around £50 for 2 TB. SSDs, then again, are about £100 for 1 TB. While picking between the two, we suggest you go for an SSD essentially in light of the fact that you’ll have a vastly improved gaming experience. You can always get an external HDD later on for storage to keep your gaming PC running fast and by lowering the wear prolonging your system for future use.



Motherboards are the center of your PC as they associate everything. The entirety of your parts will associate with the motherboard, and it will move information between everything to run as a unit. While the processor can be considered as the mind, you can think about the motherboard as the core of the Gaming PC.

The present motherboards aren’t unreasonably costly, with a significant number of them going for around £80-1200 plus ( If you look into Intel Skulltrail with two processor slots ). You’ll need to do some exploration to choose which one is best for you since you need to have certain compatibility for RAM and processors for every motherboard available. For instance, some motherboards just acknowledge DDR4 RAM and a specific Intel chipset.

PSU ( Power Supply )

The PSU is the thing that your PC needs to get power. This will associate with the motherboard and gives a port that can be utilized for a link to plug into a source. You can discover most power supplies for about £50-£500 relying upon the wattage.

One thing to note is as we all know most electrical goods do not like heat, the lower in temperature the better they perform along with how long they perform for. This is where PSU efficiency comes in, we make sure all our PSU’s fitted in our Custom Built Gaming Computers are above 80% efficiency meaning only 20% of that is dispersed through heat, with a good case and the right knowledge this is not an issue but for most first time builders they usually scrimp on price and end up costing their whole system later on down the line after three months of running hot. So keep that in mind.


Peripherals are all the other things that you’ll use for your PC, for example, the screen, keyboard, mouse, headset, mousepad, and so forth this shift drastically relies upon the brand that you’re getting.

Some peripherals will only last a few weeks of heavy gaming so you might want to look at the quality rather than the price again as, in the end, it can be better to buy a one-off expensive mouse than it is to replace it several times in its lifetime with cheaper lesser quality mice. Especially if you give it a tuning with your Custom Built Gaming PC

Gamers ordinarily burn through £100-£200 on their mice alone and keyboards in light of the fact that a significant number of them favour mechanical, which cost more. You can get a good screen for about £100, however, you’ll have to spend significantly more on the off chance that you need a higher FPS goal or larger size so can as with anything lead all the way up and past the £1800 mark.

So How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gaming PC?

To construct a gaming PC, you’ll need to spend a few pounds. To more readily address the inquiry, you’ll need to choose what sort of games you need to play, how many monitors you wish to play on, etc. In case you’re hoping to play current games, look to spend much more than you would on the off chance that you needed to just play older retro games or such as this is paramount to the performance and longevity of your gaming computer.

Since there are numerous pieces of a PC, it’s anything but difficult to spend a ton on new parts. Luckily, you’ll just need to do little upgrades each couple of years once you have a PC and you have the knowledge it takes to create something stable

We get a lot of calls for people who bought all the parts put the PC together and yet it will not turn on and they cannot return those parts as they already opened them so to most we stay ask an expert let them help you or guide you through the process first, at least while you understand the seriousness of integral construction when it comes to PC building, it’s not always as easy as a youtube video might have you believe ).

Instead of asking, “what amount does it cost to construct a gaming PC?” You can peruse our custom gaming PCs that don’t need any work.


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