Do I Need To Back Up My Files To An External Hard Drive? – Updated, 2022

Using a cloud backup solution is one of the best ways to ensure bulletproof data storage security. So why clutter up your desktop with an external hard drive and its bulky cable? There are still a few things to consider. You can find out more by reading on.

Backup of primary data

As part of my 3-2-1 gaming computer backup strategy, I have both a primary and secondary backup system. My desktop hard drive serves as my primary backup. 

If, like some, you use a Mac, set up a Time Machine backup (Apple software included with the OS) to an external USB 3 drive, which you can then connect periodically to ensure your backup is timely. 

If you use a Windows PC, laptop or desktop computer, you have built-in backup software (One Drive). Both platforms allow you to install third-party apps, so why use an external hard drive as well?

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As a primary backup, a hard drive provides immediate access. A complete directory can be rebuilt or a single file or document can be restored. 

Your file can be recovered without an internet connection or even a network; you just need a computer, a hard drive, and a cable to connect them (Great when your net is down).

Choosing the right hard drive is another matter. Peripheral connections vary between laptop and desktop computers. However, generally the Samsung Touch is always a good choice for most situations.

Creating clones

When a crucial system directory or library is corrupted, damaged, or overwritten, a computer ceases to function, so it’s great to keep an external hard drive backup just in case.

As hard drives sometimes fail, a computer’s primary boot drive can also fail.

The first time you see a flashing question mark or a blue screen, you know troubleshooting is going to be a lot of fun. 

A clone can save you hours of troubleshooting. The cloned drive is a bit-for-bit copy of your original drive. 

In the event of a major PC problem, you can use the cloned drive in place of the computer’s boot drive.

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External hard drive Image of a man backing up photos using Samsung SSD Touch Get yours here

Storage on an external drive

You may not have enough space on your computer’s boot volume sometimes. 

We have less and less space for the files we accumulate as more of us get laptops, and companies trade big hard drives for smaller, faster SSDs.

These files can be stored on external hard drives without taking up space on your computer’s boot drive. 

Video files, for example, multitrack audio, multimedia, large data sets that you’re analysing, or archival files can all be safely stored. 

Instead of relying solely on what you can store on your gaming computer and the cloud, you may want to store that on an external hard drive instead, thus saving space and increasing speed.

Backup of secondary data

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea. 

In spite of careful backup management, the occasionally unforeseen and unforeseeable can still occur.

My private cloud not accessible to the public is my secondary backup solution. I don’t depend on it exclusively to keep my files safe, but I know they’re there if my computer, laptop, PC or tablet is playing up. 

I’ve used my private drive more than once to get something I couldn’t find or couldn’t locate easily with my primary backup whenever I needed to restore files.

The secondary backup provides you with a very important added layer of protection regardless of whether you’re using Google, Dropbox, etc.

Keeping your data off-site in a secure data centre is a good idea if anything happens to your data and your backup system.

What’s the status of your backups?

Now you know what I do for backups on my gaming computer. I’d like to know more about yours. How do you back up your computer? 

Are you still confused? Do you have a question? Is our information wildly off base and inaccurate? Comment below and let us know what you think about our external hard drive backup solution. 

Please let us know if you have ideas for future blog posts!

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