Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider – Updated, 2022

Do you want to build your own PC? It will be cheaper, more rewarding, and fit your needs better than buying a pre-built PC (not to mention a better fit for your gaming needs). Besides being affordable, a custom gaming PC offers enhanced performance and unique features to match your personality.

DIY videos can be found in the millions on the internet that explain how to build your own custom gaming PC. It is definitely fun and highly rewarding to build your own PC, regardless of whether you are doing it for cost savings or for a sense of accomplishment. 

When you build your own PC and control everything that goes into it, you won’t have to sacrifice performance and can easily upgrade it.

Building your own gaming PC setup might seem daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. To begin the build, you should have a basic understanding of what is needed and what each component does. 

RAM, storage, externals, motherboards, and heavy-duty desktop applications are all important considerations often left unchecked. 

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In order to help you out, we have gathered some useful information you should consider before making or buying your own custom-built PC. So, let’s get to the ten essential things to consider when building a gaming PC in the spirit of DIY.

You will need to consider the following components:

  • Memory (RAM)
  • Graphics Card
  • Memory storage
  • The cooling system
  • The overclocking process
  • Settings for the display
  • The aesthetics
  • The sound system
  • Peripherals
  • The power supply

1. Memory (RAM size & speed)

To run multiple applications smoothly, you need a good amount of RAM. Hardcore gamers need at least 16 GB of RAM to achieve the best performance with today’s games, however we advise 32gb to be safe. 

You may not see the need for the extra RAM if you are surfing while updating and downloading something on your PC, but combine this with gaming, it is a must.

High-speed PC RAM is often recommended by overclockers, which has a CAS latency rate of 9 and a standard speed of 1600MHz.

More on RAM in our complete guide in my previous post here

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 2 1024x683 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

HyperX RGB Ram

Those who are willing to render heavily will be satisfied with either of these values. To get the most performance and capacity out of your RAM, you need to know what you are building.

2. Graphics Card

Despite today’s processors’ ability to work with powerful onboard graphics, you may need a graphics card to play smoothly with high-quality graphics. While gaming, you can also get more frames with better visual quality.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 9 1024x684 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

Photography of GeForce RTX graphics card

On the market, there are many latest graphics cards that may fit your budget. However, if you can afford a beefier card, we recommend going for the world of spectacular graphics, otherwise you can stick to the built-in settings with midrange as cost is FPS (Frames Per Second).

More on Graphics Cards and what to do if they are faulty in our previous post here

3. Memory storage

As the operating system and files are stored on your PC’s internal storage, you will need a good storage option, especially so if you want to save large game files.

Depending on your storage needs, you could choose either a hard disk drive or a solid-state drive. The mechanisms by which HDD’s and SSD’s read, write and store data are different, although both serve the same purpose. 

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 10 1024x683 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

Black Samsung 970 V-NAND SSD drives 

The HDD (hard disk drive) is a great option if you need a lot of storage without spending a lot of money. 

There are, however, moving parts in a hard disk drive that are more fragile than their solid-state counterparts. 

While a hard drive can be slower during use than an SSD during the initial stages, HDD’s can suffer from fragmentation as it fills up. 

SSDs use flash memory instead of moving parts, meaning they boot up more quickly and read and write data faster. 

While solid-state drives are still relatively new compared to HDD’s, their main disadvantage is their cost.

 An SSD might be a good choice if you have the budget for faster performance or don’t mind limited storage capacity (hard drives have higher capacities). 

More on SSD’s and the benefits of upgrading here

4. The Cooling System

Your computer’s performance and lifespan are enhanced by a properly functioning cooling system. 

There are two types of cooling systems: air-based and water-based. Water-based coolants are not noisy, but air coolants are economical and perform well in comparison, but are a lot more noisy. 

To perform well when cooled, most processors come with more cooling fans, and you can upgrade them with bigger and better fans later on should you wish.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 3 768x1024 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

White Corsair H100i CPU cooling system

Conversely, fans in water cooling systems run slower and are therefore quieter. 

It is a bit expensive and complex to install them. A customized loop system keeps your PC cool by routing tubing through different components, radiators, and pumps. (Not advised for beginners)

For your convenience, closed-loop solutions can be mounted (Much more beginner-friendly). There is nothing wrong with either type of cooling system in your custom gaming PC

An air cooler is sufficient if you don’t plan to overclock. Adding more fans will also allow you to cool your system more.

5. The overclocking process

Overclocking is the process of increasing your CPU and memory speeds beyond their official speeds.

While there are many overclocking motherboards and processors available that are not expensive, the graphic card is usually dedicated to overclocking.

You can, with experience, overclock a processor, motherboard, graphics card or RAM to make your PC perform faster and better than the manufacturer’s specifications.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 5 819x1024 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

Technician from Best Computer Repair overclocking a PC on-site.

Overclocking will also release heat and cause your system to hang or wear out more quickly or break down completely if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you’re building your PC on a budget, overclocking is not essential. If you intend to include it, it will improve the performance of your motherboard, processor, and RAM. 

6. Settings for the display

Displays with a minimum of 22 inches and 1920 x 1080 resolution are ideal for today’s generation, this is still considered the sweet spot, especially so for Fortnite, Valorant or CSG etc as FPS matters and can cost you the game.

Fortunately, they are not very expensive. This is the standard in our exclusive Best Computer Repair Custom Gaming PC Bundle.

You can upgrade them with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 or 3840 x 2160 pixels for a more spectacular view and the best gaming experience, along with more monitors, but again this costs more money and a better graphics card. 

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 1 1024x768 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

Desk with colourful PC screen 

It is now commonplace for high-end display screens to feature pre-colour collaborations with high colour consistency and better black showcasing. 

It is therefore recommended to upgrade to a proper display setting if you need true colours. As 4K screens are expensive, custom-building a PC is all about cutting costs without sacrificing quality.

7. The aesthetics

If you are building a custom gaming PC, you can go beyond LED strips and fans to make it the centre of attention in your gaming area. Different sizes and shapes are available for cases and aesthetics. 

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 8 1024x683 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

LED Keyboard with a gaming PC on a desk 

Technological advancements allow no compromises in entertainment due to the compact size of the world of trends. The graphics expansion on ITX may be limited, but they are worth investing in.

8. The sound system

It is sufficient to use the built-in sound cards, but if you require better sound, consider investing in speakers, dedicated sound cards, and headphones. 

Using these gadgets will enhance your PC setup and ensure you get the best gaming experience too.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 6 1024x576 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

Speakers and a custom gaming PC setup.

9. Peripherals 

In order to maximize your gaming experience, you should invest in high-quality peripherals, such as a keyboard, mouse, gaming headset, and other accessories. 

In addition to being more durable, they also look good. It is possible to choose from a wide variety of stylish and useful peripherals, but we also supply them if needed in our gaming or office PC bundles.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Custom Gaming PC 4 1024x683 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

A person holding computer mouse 

10. The power supply

It is possible to make your system more energy-efficient and reliable by using a gold-standard and certified power supply unit. It will also save you energy in the long run. 

It may be possible to handle voltage fluctuations with a cheap PSU, but you may lose your expensive equipment if you don’t use a certified gold standard PSU.

More on choosing the right PSU for your custom-gaming PC in our previous post here

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair Power Supply 2 - Custom Gaming PC: 10 Things to Consider - Updated, 2022

The power unit (CPU) is on the PC case. 

In designing a gaming PC, it is not important to get the most expensive hardware, rather it is important to get the most reliable and useful ones this unfortunately only comes with experience. 

You can therefore get everything you need at an affordable price without burning a hole in your pocket. Or if you are unsure how to do so, find a professional who can.

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