Top Tips For Password Security

Cybercrime due to poor a Passwords is on the increase and at Best Computer Repair we wanted to spotlight some key areas about how exactly you can protect yourself and your business when creating a log in password. Below are a few simple steps to follow,

Below are a few simple steps to follow, along with reasons to change and suggestions to help you on the way to increased security.

Mobile Phones -This is where you store All of your personal and business data, be it email
passwords, online passwords, bank or investment company access, or each and every security passwords stored in “Records”, yet you
protect this with a 4 digit security passwords where there are just 9,999 possible combinations!! -it only
requires a hacker maximum 17 time to split a 4 digit security passwords which include rebooting your
phone after each 9th attempt! 6 Digits may take up to thirty days all for a supplementary 2 digits added!!

Repeating Passwords -So many people use the same security passwords on different logins and it’s really not
shocking the hackers know this. So if your computer data has been breached using one particular site,
don’t be stunned if it’s tried out to be utilized on other multiple sites.


Passwords and Manager Tools -There are numerous free tools out there to store all passwords you create
so you don’t have to remember it and therefore create unique passwords. Search “Passwords Manager”
one example is LastPass
When creating a password please consider replacing characters with amounts, capitals in the middle, a
short phrase somewhat than one term and include £ symbols as most hackers are from the US and the
£ key isn’t available on a US keyboard!

“Pwned” -Do you know if you have been put at risk due to an online bank account of yours being
compromised or “pwned” in a data breach? You can simply check by typing your email address or
addresses at this site (You’ll be surprised whatsoever the websites that
have been breached -check out the very best 10 breaches)

Insured? -Are you insured against Cyber episodes? Most plans only cover physical theft and costs
could attach to tens of thousands of pounds. Cyber insurance can cover costs you incur relating to
legal costs from prosecuting customers, replacing or fixing computer systems, ransom payments,
and advisory fees, loss of income and damage to your reputation and lots more, all from as little as
£12.50 per month.

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