The Best Way to Remove a Computer Virus – Updated, 2022

Despite the fact that some of these malicious virus or malware programs are little more than nuisances, many others can successfully steal your most confidential, private, and sensitive data, so as you can appreciate you must remove a computer virus or malware as fast and as cleanly as possible.

Computer viruses: what are they?

The first thing to note is that computer viruses come in many forms, PC, computer or laptop virus removal also should be left to experts wherever possible. (I say this as some are extremely hard to remove even for a highly qualified technicians with over 25 plus years of experience)

With that aside, this is what you can do if you are technical savvy and a little strapped for cash: The term “virus” refers to any unwanted piece of code designed to infect and disrupt your computer.

Computer, PC or Laptop viruses or malware, like biological viruses, invade, replicate, and then try to infect other computers or devices nearby even your smartphone or smartwatch and monitor. 

It is possible for some viruses to only affect your internet browser. There are others that are even more harmful. Rootkit viruses, however, dig deep into your system’s internal controls. Viruses disguised as legitimate programs sneak onto your device, the list goes on.

Indicators of Virus Infection

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You may notice that programs that used to load quickly now take much longer to load if you have a virus. Programs may also become unresponsive, and you may receive multiple error messages. 

Since the virus is using your own computer’s processing power, other programs are having trouble running simultaneously.

There are some viruses and malware that only affect certain parts of your laptop or computer. You might discover that your browser’s home page has changed without your knowledge. 

If/when a virus gets into your email program, you may start getting strange emails from your contacts, or you may have trouble logging onto antivirus and anti-malware sites or using their programs.

What is the cause of a computer virus?

As long as computers have existed, viruses have been installed mainly by human error, and virus programmers know this. However, some people are targeted.

It is crucial to note, however, that while strong antivirus programs protect most computerized threats, they cannot prevent a user from clicking on the wrong link or installing compromised software on their own computer. 

Remember that downloading data or programs from unfamiliar sites can also unknowingly introduce you to viruses. Malicious emails can also contain links that start automatic downloads.

Not to mention that an antivirus program has a list of known viruses, so what about the ones unknown to that program or everyone else who have still yet to recognize it as a virus.

Viruses are constantly being released online. Best Computer Repair experts are constantly researching and developing solutions to new malicious programs.

It is possible, however, for a harmful program to sneak past your PC’s antivirus software if, for example, your virus definitions are not updated regularly.

How to remove a computer virus

It is difficult to remove a computer virus manually. It is possible for viruses to install themselves in several parts of your computer.

At the next system reboot, the program may also reinstall itself if you do not completely remove it. The registry of a Windows system can be invaded by viruses in some cases. 

In this database, removing the wrong line can cause the entire system to fail. An antivirus program designed for safe system cleaning is the easiest way to remove malware or viruses.

Uninstall new programs

It’s possible that the virus or malware is sitting in a program you recently installed. You should uninstall recent apps on both Windows and Mac, and then remove new browser extensions. 

Then you can breathe a sigh of relief if your computer runs smoothly after you remove these programs. Your system should still be scanned for viruses to ensure that it is clean. 

If the malicious program reinstalls itself, once, you should restart the computer. This indicates a deeper infection if malicious messages appear again from the same program.

Windows Virus Removal

Safe mode is the first step in removing viruses from Windows computers. Only essential programs are running on your computer in this mode, so in most cases viruses or malware also (but not all).

The antiviral scans will not be blocked if such a program doesn’t start up in safe mode also. During Windows startup, you can access this mode by pressing F8.

To open in Safe mode in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings by pressing the Windows button.
  2. Choose Recovery from Update & Security.
  3. Under Advanced Startup, select Restart Now.
    A new option screen will appear after your system restarts.
  4. Select Troubleshoot.
  5. Select Startup Settings from Advanced Options.
  6. Enable the Safe Mode option.
Best Computer Repair Bridgend and South Wales UK Gaming PC Bundle 2 Computer Virus - The Best Way to Remove a Computer Virus - Updated, 2022
Computer code on a screen with a skull representing a computer virus / malware attack.

A virus scan can be run on-demand once your computer system restarts in safe mode.

It may be helpful to run several virus scanning programs to catch any new viruses because the number of viruses is always increasing.

We use a cloud based solution coded by us with multiple scanners and multiple databases. Make sure you use reputable antiviral programs to avoid aggravating the problem.

  • The following best practices should also be followed:
  • Make sure your critical data is backed up
  • Cache and temporary files should be cleaned up
  • All no longer needed applications should be uninstalled
  • Ensure that the OS and remaining applications are updated
  • Disable unneeded apps from startup
  • The MMC should be run (see above).
  • Make sure your system is fully scanned

The Removal of Viruses from Macs

Safe mode is even easier to enter on Mac computers.

While the computer system boots up, hold down the shift key. A “Safe Boot” message (Apple support content HT201262) should appear on the login window if you’ve done this correctly. 

Your PC, laptop or computer will then be cleaned using your virus removal software.  If you want to ensure that your system is clean, run your virus scan multiple times on both Windows and Mac computers.

Consult a professional

You may need to hire a professional to clean your computer if you’ve followed this process but still have a virus, or for some unknown malware, it is always best to seek a professional. 

You can also use our service here, for instance, to remove stubborn viruses remotely.

Computer virus prevention

It is easiest to avoid computer viruses in the first place. You must follow safe, best practices to keep your system secure:

  • Make sure your data is backed up
  • Cache and temporary files should be cleaned up
  • Remove no longer needed applications
  • Ensure that the OS and remaining applications are updated
  • Unnecessary apps should be disabled from startup
  • Check the status of the antivirus or malware subscription
  • Maintain up-to-date security software.
  • Don’t download software from untrusted sources. 
  • Do not run unsolicited programs.
  • And always Surf Safely using these tips:
  • Install a Web Advisor extension on your browser.
  • When using untrusted networks, use VPN software.
  • Make use of a password manager.
  • Do not use the same username and password for multiple web pages, especially financial and shopping sites.
  • Install cloud accounts using email addresses with account recovery support, ISP accounts, or paid accounts.
  • In order to recover your Apple account, you can ask for assistance from Apple (you will not be able to recover your Gmail or Yahoo account since they cannot verify ownership).

Protect yourself

You should always invest in professional security software for your computer system. Maintaining system performance while protecting your data and identity is possible. 

In your digital world, you will be ready to handle any and all threats with the right program running in the background along with adapting and evolving cybersecurity principles.

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