Recycling an Old Computer Safely – 2021

If you’re out there trying to do your best to support a healthy environment but you are worried about the e-waste you’re generating, then you may be in need of some recycling tips when it comes to recycling an old computer.

Obviously, phones are pretty easy, with all the trade-in and refurbishing options available, but computers or laptops are often a touch trickier, especially if you rely on them for work.

Keep reading to get the steps you should take to securely recycle an old but still functional computer.

Wipe It Clean

The main concern with computers is what proportion of personal information they will have stored on the disk drive.

You’ll have worked hard to make sure things are secure while you used the device, but doing so after you recycle it or sell it to somebody else may be a bit trickier.

Here’s the essential rundown of what you should keep in mind:

Deauthorize programs that you simply can only use on one device at a time in order that you’ll reauthorize them on your next computer or laptop.

Uninstall programs that need to be paid subscriptions or may include your personal information.
Also, clean and remove your browsing history including cookies, cache, and Passwords.

Delete all sensitive files. For extra security, on PCs with hard drives, download a program like File Shredder to seek out any sneaky files and destroy them.

For Mac and PC or Laptop Computers with SSDs, encrypt the drive or simply request hard drive destruction instead as we use military grade destruction for such a service please feel free to contact us.

Now you’re able to wipe Macs, Chromebooks, and PCs all have slightly different procedures for this, but basically, it involves erasing and reinstalling the OS.

However, please be aware nothing beats full hard drive destruction we can even provide these with a certificate of destruction for insurance purposes as some data delicate businesses require this.

Best Computer Repair Bridgend Laptop and Computer Repair Recycling an Old Computer

Actually Recycling Your Device

Once you’ve got your computer wiped, you’ve got several options. You can make a tax-deductible donation of your still-working computer to the local non-profit organizations, like schools and libraries. ( We can help you with this )

You can also trade your device at certain stores for either a reduction on a replacement computer or store credit for the longer-term intentions for maybe another in the future.

A good array of online businesses can also offer cash for old computers but do check to make sure the recycler is certified like we are from a reputable organization such as:




Meaning they are not shipping devices to developing nations where underpaid laborers can extract the precious components.

This is something that cybercriminals also take advantage of so it truly is really important who you trust with recycling an old computer.

Sound sort of a Lot to Deal with?

We get it. That’s why we provide a simple Donate or Recycle package to clients looking to recycle or donate their old computers or laptop.

We’ll prevent the time and research needed to make sure you’re wiping your computer correctly and provide you the peace of mind that your data has been securely removed by a qualified professional in cybersecurity and data removal.

I cannot stress how extremely important this service is if your computer has been used for business especially with global data protection issues! Start a support ticket with us today to request this easy solution.

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