Dependent on Your Computer for Remote Work? – Updated 2022

During the work-from-home trend accelerated by the pandemic situation, having a working laptop or personal computer has become all the more important, especially if you rely on your computer for remote work.

That’s why Best Computer Repair has prioritized multiple solutions for device repairs. At an equivalent time, though, sometimes the simplest solution isn’t to experience an issue in the first place. Here are some preventative care tips to assist you to retain your computer or laptop running at its best.

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Keep It Clean

Besides the importance of sterilizing surfaces as protection against COVID-19, it’s also an honest idea to get rid of dust regularly to prevent damage to the various moving parts inside a computer/keyboard.

Compressed gas may be a good tool for keeping things working smoothly. If you’ve got time and feel confident in your skills, you’ll also (carefully) open your tower or laptop to blow out the dust from fans, heat sinks, and other places where collected dust can cause increased heat and thus a shortened device lifespan.

A soft microfiber cloth is additionally handy to keep around for cleaning screens without scratching them, if you feel unsafe doing any of the above, please ask a professional to take a look at your computers or laptop for you.

Back It Up

Maybe you’re the type of dutiful employee who is usually busy with other tasks and forgets to possess a system in situ for backing up files.

If you’re performing from home, though, having all files and knowledge safely duplicated are often a lifesaver just in case something does fail together with your device.

A cloud storage solution usually means you’ll have a minimum of access to your documents on your phone, which may be an honest thanks to tide you over if you’ve got an unexpected computer crash.

Also, don’t forget to correctly delete and wipe any unwanted files as this can save space but most importantly keep it safe from hackers especially if the data is business or even worse bank-related if you are unsure how to do this again ask a professional or seek hard drive destruction.

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Organize the Wires

Out of sight, out of mind is the usual state of the various wires that appear to erupt from the rear of desktop computers.

With a touch of additional time on your hands while you’re performing from home, think about using zip-ties or other fasteners to keep everything safely in situ. (No more tripping over wires while you go get a cup of coffee)

That way, there’s no danger of getting a foot tangled during a wire and accidentally interrupt an important cord within the middle of a crucial job or give your children the chance to destroy what sanity you have left.

Give It an Update

Hardware drivers need updates too. If you’ve got downtime while expecting a meeting, check your device drivers to ascertain if any of them have newer versions that can be downloaded and installed.

You can also download a free program called Iobit Driver Booster (We even have the pro version for all our readers here)

Now that we’ve realized how dependent most folks are on our devices for our livelihoods, it only is sensible to require time to offer them some TLC.

Use the ideas above to get started, but if something crazy happens, haven’t any fear. Best Computer Repair can assist you out with contact-free repair options that safeguard both your and your device’s safety and security.

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