My Computer No Longer Works – Should I consider Hard Drive Destruction?

In the event that you are disposing of an old laptop or desktop PC computer, you ought to at the least either wipe the hard drive using software or consider complete hard drive destruction to ensure your information is safe from future data breach.

This is because individuals have been known to recover laptop or desktop PC’s from skips to resell to others along with recovering delicate personal, medical, business and financial related data for later malicious use from the hard drive stored in these computers.

Selling dead machines for parts or repair is increasingly common although significantly more hazardous, and what amount would your Laptop be worth? I question it will bring enough to make it worth investing the energy along with (most likely) cost expected to delete your information.

Also, on the off chance that you don’t destroy your data, it could be a critical future monetary hazard, contingent upon the data put on your hard drive if say for instance it is related to your medical records for patients, business or finances etc.

Regardless of whether the new owner replaces the motherboard on the second hand machine, they will presumably have the option to explore your hard drive, except if you wiped it professionally with a certificate of hard drive destruction.

Since your PC or Laptop won’t boot, you should do what a professional would do by removing the hard drive from the desktop PC or laptop. In any case, in the event that you need to erase your information and reinstall the hard drive, you will require use of another PC or a hard drive eraser service of some kind.

On the off chance that you have a spare desktop tower with an extra drive inlet, you can mount the old desktop PC drive inside, then explore some hard drive erasure options. Or you can of course use an external hard drive enclosure via USB if you know what you are doing.

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Wiping your sensitive data.

In principle, you could format the hard drive using windows on another machine or utilise a degassing machine, which uses solid magnetic fields to eradicate all types of sensitive media on disks and tapes within your hard drive.

You could, also physically wreck the hard drive, which is the thing that some administration divisions prefer but what if you want to use it or sell it after the wipe? Then this soon becomes not an option. Find out about our process of hard drive erasure with a certificate of destruction here.

It’s anything but difficult to erase the information on a hard drive yourself in a working PC or using an external USB hard drive enclosure. It’s not exactly so easy to fully eradicate your sensitive data completely and professionally forever.

At the point when you erase records, the erasure program that comes as standard with windows for example ( called format ) doesn’t eradicate the sensitive files or data, it just expels them from its index.

This simply opens up the segments of the hard drive for use by different programs in the future, so a large portion of that data will be reused in the long run.

However, until that data is reused or this occurs, somebody with an undelete program can find the information along with data sections on the hard drive and remake the first record, thus recovering your sensitive personal data. Unless you use a professional hard drive destruction service.

So what are the best options?

Option 1:

3-Pass Wipe with Certificate of Destruction

We use military grade DoD 5220.22-M standard software for data eradication and sanitise all hard drives to prevent all possible recovery methods including undelete software. This is great when you want to help save the environment thus use the hard drive again after deleting sensitive data forever.

When complete, you either have the option to reuse the HDD or we can conduct hard drive recycling in accordance with industry best practices. We also provide a certificate of destruction that is sometimes needed these days to comply with certain regulations and governing bodies especially with GDPR.

Option 2:

Hard Drive ( HDD ) Shredding with Certificate of Destruction

If you have no intention to reuse the HDD our other option is probably the best choice although can be wasteful as you cannot use the hard drive ever again, so something to consider being a complete hard drive destruction.

However this is the safest most advanced data protection method available, as there is no possibility of data recovery due to firstly we use the above method with 3 a pass DoD 5220.22-M then physically destroy your hard drive into tiny pieces!

Yes, your drives will be physically destroyed using our custom shredding machines after a 3 pass DoD 5220.22-M software procedure, so data recovery is not an option, ever. This is the best data destruction method for protecting your sensitive data in the world.

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