Hard Drive ( HDD ) Destruction With Certificate

Best Computer Repair Hard Drive Data Destruction Service.

Hard Drive Disposal at Best Computer Repair Bridgend is second to none, we specialise in Military-grade data destruction for companies, data centres, medical personnel or for those who wish peace of mind with complete data destruction. Whatever your data protection needs are be that you require shredding, wiping or destruction we have you covered.

Take peace of mind in the fact that your data is secured with our professional on-site or off-site services. Your data will never be breached using our best practice industry leading enhanced data removal.

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Hard Drive Destruction Methods

3-Pass Wipe with Certificate of Destruction

We use military-grade DoD 5220.22-M standard software for data eradication and sanitize all hard drives both HDD and SSD to prevent all possible recovery methods including undelete software. This is great when you want to help save the environment thus use the hard drive again after deleting sensitive data forever.

When complete, you either have the option to reuse the HDD or we can conduct hard drive recycling in accordance with industry best practices. We also provide a certificate of destruction that is sometimes needed these days to comply with certain regulations and governing bodies, especially with GDPR.

Hard Drive ( HDD) Shredding with Certificate of Destruction

This is the safest most advanced data protection method available, as there is no possibility of data recovery due to firstly we use the above method with 3 a pass DoD 5220.22-M then physically destroy your hard drive into tiny pieces!

Yes, your SSD along with HDD drives will be physically destroyed using our custom shredding machines after an already secure 3 pass DoD 5220.22-M software procedure, so data recovery is not an option, ever. This is the best data destruction method for protecting your sensitive data in the world.

HDD Destruction Pricing

All our HDD Services Come With Certificate of Destruction

3-Pass HDD/SSD Data Wipe

£ 99
Up to 2 HDD
  • 10 HDD £199
  • 25 HDD £299
  • 75 HDD £499
  • 100 HDD £599

3-Pass HDD/SSD Data Wipe + Mechanical Shredding

£ 149
Up to 2 HDD
  • 10 HDD £249
  • 25 HDD £349
  • 75 HDD £549
  • 100 HDD £649

Simply the best data protection.

More About our Data Destruction Services


Secure hard drive data wiping and DOD-compliant hard drive wiping solutions are an effective way of sanitising hard drives and ensuring HIPAA-compliant data destruction, as well as DOD-compliant data destruction. Don’t leave data destruction and secure data to chance.


Our secure hard drive shredding services help keep your business from the clutches of information thieves. Our NSA/CSS enlisted data disposal devices reduce your HDDs and SSDs to tiny shards that cannot be deciphered. We also have onsite and offsite disposal options.

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Secure equipment destruction is a critical part of the IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling process. Completely eradicate faulty manufactured items and keep them from the black and grey markets with our custom equipment destruction solution.


Secure paper shredding either on-site at your facility or off-site at our advanced shredding facility near you. Get military-grade paper shredding to keep your confidential information safe. Our custom shredding technicians come directly to you and shred documents in the most secure environment.

Protecting your data is our top priority.

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