Guide: Disinfecting a Laptop or Desktop PC Safely.

Back in March we discussed the 5 best tips for avoiding distractions while working from home. Today we would like to talk about disinfecting a laptop or desktop PC, mobile phone, server or any of your close to hand tech safely.

We feel we need to make a point to cover the strategy for those of us who are looking to keep our tech clean in these turbulent times. This is because without a doubt especially with Covid-19, our PCs are somewhat dirtier than they used to be.

We should discuss getting them clean or more to the point how to do so safely without causing damage or needing our computer repair service as some people have done so after cleaning incorrectly.

Initial Step: Don’t Cause Damage in the Name of Cleanliness

Despite the fact that cleanliness is significant along with very important in these turbulent times, we additionally need to draw a line when cleaning and sterilising a PC today though we will talk about a different kind of Virus or Infection.

Windex or Lysol Mr Muscle, Bleach etc may appear to be amazing, however they’re really pointless excess and can harm the presentation or finish on your PC, particularly if an oleophobic coating is included in the design.

What You Can Use

Alcohol is most likely your smartest choice. ( or more specific Isopropyl alcohol ). It is less cruel to your hardware, despite the fact that it actually has some people divided ( who knows when we will have the option to get it once more, in any case, given the number of individuals who hoarded it two months prior! ).

A best practice is to make a point to protect your gadget such as your custom built gaming PC laptop, desktop or even mobile phone or smartwatch etc simply make a mixture of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% water (ideally distilled to avoid stain’s) and afterwards utilise a microfiber material to apply that very delicately!

Disinfecting a Laptop or Desktop PC Best Computer Repair Bridgend

Never splash any cleaning solutions directly onto your PC, laptop or gadgets ever. By applying with a microfiber material, you maintain a strategic distance from the threat of having abundance fluid go through breaks into the interior equipment, hardware and wiring.

Start with the keyboard, since it’s normally the dirtiest, and afterwards proceed onward from that point so you don’t spread grime from your keyboard onto effectively clean surfaces. If you have a gaming computer you can relate to how much we tend to get stuck in the keys eating food etc while concentrating on that all important head shot or while levelling professions intensely on the latest MMO.

Compressed air canisters will likewise assist you with cleaning the connectors, ports, and different openings. Regardless of whether Covid is hiding inside, nobody’s setting their face against their PC’s ports, so it’s most likely protected!

Last Tip

Before doing any of the above methods, make certain to turn off your PC, laptop, mobile phone or server and unplug its AC connector. As usual, when working with hardware and fluids in any structure, it’s ideal to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of electric shock to yourself or the gadget. If you are unsure how to do this safely please contact us.

Do you have more questions or concerns? Not certain your gadget is having issues since it’s dirty or in light of the fact that it’s equipment is broken? Reach out to us today. We have contact less COVID-safe measures that permit you to get all your gadgets repaired with safety in mind, so you can send your PC our way for a repair along with a FREE total sterilisation as a courtesy to you!

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